Most Google affiliates know that the real secret for success for any site is hidden it it's ability to attract targeted traffic. Targeted traffic will tend to stay much longer at a site and everybody knows that the longer a visitor stays at your site, the higher the chances that they'll end up buying something from you or at least clicking on one of your Google affiliate ads.

This is one of the reasons why traffic from search engines is especially valuable to many Google affiliate sites. Because a keyword that is closely linked to the subject matter of your site has been used, a vast majority of the traffic that finds its' way to your site via a search engine will be highly targeted.

But there is one more underutilized tool that is very effective at both generating traffic and also improving your search engine positioning dramatically. I am talking about those links within the text of articles. Apart from being one way links that search engines place great value on, these text links are also very effective at generating even more targeted traffic to your Google affiliate sites.

Use Text Links In Your Google Affiliate Articles

If you usually distribute articles to article directories and ezines as a way of generating traffic to you Google affiliate sites, then just make sure that you use the right keywords within them as live links leading to your site.

The secret behind why links are so effective can be traced to the fact that folks hate and greatly despise being advertised to online. That is why banner ads don't work too well. It is also the reason why the tiny textual Google affiliate ads have been so effective. They don't look like ads, especially when they are made to look like the other text and content on the site. They are even more irresistible when they are highly relevant to the content of the site.

Text links within articles look even less like ads. Their effectiveness can be maximized by getting a good low cost online writer to write your content for you. The keywords that are made live are usually part and parcel of the article and will also be very relevant to the subject matter at hand. Most people who read the article are bound to click on the text links. In fact they are much more likely to click on the text links within the Google affiliate article than on any links that they will find in your resource box at the end of the article. Everybody knows that the resource box is the writers of the article advertising themselves and this quite often causes most readers to get defensive when they get to the resource box. In sharp contrast your Google affiliate site readers will come across a text link with an open mind.

Remember That Your Google affiliate Keyword Is Very Important

The keywords used in links pointing at your Google affiliate site are given a lot of weight by search engines. This means that you should select the keywords to use very carefully indeed.

Christopher Kyalo is a successful online writer and entrepreneur. Read the rest of this article at his Google affiliate writer’s blog. He can be reached at strongwallafrica at

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Many people who have tried to make money on the internet in the last couple of years have done quite well using Google Adsense, myself included. About this time last year I was making about $5,000 a month.

I was using several different software programs that are readily available such as Traffic Equalizer, Ranking Power, and Traffic Dynamo.

A few other programs were very promising, including one that I had high hopes for that used random text generation. Invariably I would create a new web site, put it up on a server, blog and ping it and away it would go.

The spiders would come and I would get good listings in Yahoo and Google which delivered a goodly amount of traffic, which in turn created above average Google Adsense incomes.

Alas, it was too good to be true. What always happened was that these types of machine generated sites would slowly begin to erode in ranking in the search engines therefore causing my Google Adsense income to slowly dissipate to almost nothing.

However, I finally chanced upon a Google Adsense substitute which allows me to generate a replacement for my lost income much easier than I did before with a lot less hassle.

Google Adsense is still a viable and great way to go if you have web sites that generate large amounts of traffic. However, my life is much simplier now that I'm doing it a different way and to me simpler is better.

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Steve McArthur

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I found an Adsense substitute

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I had the privilege to interview a regular guy (not a well-known 'Guru') who claims making more than $200 a day with Google AdSense Program.

Here's an excerpt from the interview I did for my upcoming eBook - 'AdSense Confessions' -read it and try to apply what you learn iniside, it should make a difference in your AdSense income and profits.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is John Tulus. I was born in October of 1966 in Córdoba, Argentina, South America.

How did you get started to make money on the Internet?

I started with small projects like web sites for friends.

After some time of developing web sites for others, I knew it was time to start to work on the ideas for developing my own site, my own online company. I put all my ideas together, combined them with the experience I had achieved developing web sites for others, and put in motion the
creation of my site. Once the site was up and running, all I had to do was start generating traffic and wait for the money to roll in. I remember the first cheque I received...
what a rush!! $29. That motivated me to keep on with the project of the life that I desired.

Do you prefer AdSense over Affiliate Programs promotion?

Yes, I prefer Google Adsense over any other affiliate program because it has Google guarantee. Thousands of websites are now applying Adsense to their sites. Not only do you have the Google guarantee, but visitors to your web site may also see it as having the Google "seal of confidence". In a certain way, having Adsense on your site shows visitors that your site has been approved by Google.

Nevertheless, having Adsense on your site doesn´t mean that you can´t have other affiliate programs combined with it. You can actually have as many programs as you want, but I prefer Adsense specially because the conversion rate to money is much faster with Adsense.

No other affiliate program converts clicks to money as fast as Google Adsense.

With Google Adsense I may need just 10 optimized clicks to earn $20. By optimized, I mean clicks on a page that has keywords that pay the most in Adsense. With other affiliate programs I need at least 200 visits to an optimized site with related content and optimized traffic to earn the same amount of money.

What is the 'SECRET' formula for bringing quality traffic to your Site?

In WMXP.COM I apply all my experience acquired during all these years of investigation, using the best tools, the best reports, the best products, to offer my visitors the best of the best so that they have good reasons to return and recommend the site.

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... make of www.WMXP.COM a site sufficiently interesting for navigators that really work in the Internet.

How do you go about converting your Site traffic into more Adsense Income?

If your Adsense is performing poorly, I have three tips for you:

1. Decrease the number of Adsense blocks that you are displaying on a page. I don't know how others have experienced this, but my income seemed to be less if I had more than one block of Adsense ads displayed at once - and your CTR is definitely less if you have more than one ad
impression at a time.

2. Change your link colour to blue. While I cannot disclose my CTR I can tell you that this one little change more than doubled my CTR. I know that there are others out there who
advocate that your link colour should be the same as the other links on your site, but try it out for yourself for a day or two. I think you will be highly surprised!

3. Set the URL colour to the same colour as the ad's text. This makes the URL ''melt" in and makes the link colour stand out more, definitely making it more "clickable".

What final words of wisdom would you like to pass on to everyone who is reading this eBook?

To trust your abilities, to trust the project, to develop your ideas fully and that in the end your efforts will be rewarded.

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Codrut Turcanu is putting his final touch on 'AdSense Confessions' - an info-packed eBook containing 3 in-depth interviews with regular Guys (not 'Gurus') making TONS of Cash with AdSense. To be notified of this release visit:

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So, you are considering taking the step of adding Adsense to your blog in order to make some extra money. It can be a wise decision. By using your blog to display contextual advertising, you have created a great opportunity, not only for the blog in question but for future pursuits, as well. Many bloggers enter Adsense without a great deal of experience in online advertising and its terminology. However, in order to better understand exactly what will be happening, it is important to get a firm grasp on some of the unique terminology used when discussing Adsense and blogs.

Here are some important terms, their common abbreviations, and meanings:

Terms of Service (TOS). All participants in the Adsense program are required to abide by Google’s Terms of Service. This is basically the “rule book” for Adsense. Those who fail to conduct themselves according to TOS may be banned from participation and/or have their account suspended. Every participant should carefully read the TOS.

Publisher. That’s you. Anyone operating a site displaying Adsense ads is considered a publisher.

Pay per click (PPC). Google Adsense operates predominantly on a pay per click basis. That means the advertiser pays for each time someone clicks upon their ad. It also means that you will get paid for every click.

Click through rate (CTR). This represents the percentage of page impressions that result in a click on an ad at your site. For instance, if your blog gets 100 impressions and 17 of them result in a click, the CTR for your site will be 17%.

Ad unit. An ad unit is a displayed block of Google Adsense ads. There are a variety of ad units from which to choose. They are usually expressed in terms of their size in pixels. For instance, a 120 x 600 tower ad unit will be 120 units wide and 600 units long--tall and skinny.

Ad placement. This refers to where your ads are placed. Publishers may place their Adsense units anywhere on a page consistent with the TOS. There are a variety of online guides, charts and recommendations demonstrating the various location options and how successful they tend to be in producing a high CTR.

Channel. You can set up channels to track the performance of individual Adsense ad units or to track earnings on particular sites. Channels are established in the Set Up area of your Adsense account.

Competitive Ad Filter. Google gives you the option not to display certain advertisements via the competitive ad filter. This allows you to avoid inadvertently advertising someone with whom you are in competition, for instance.

The world of Adsense brings with it a new vocabulary that must be mastered in order to achieve maximum success. Terms like those above become second nature in a short period of time for most Adsense units. By knowing and understanding these terms, you will be better able to understand your performance charts and will be better able to learn more about succeeding with Adsense.

Blogging - The Complete Guide -

Author: Joe Borges

You need an Adsense website now! Google's Adsense program is the most well-known Internet Marketing program today. There are many ebooks and internet marketers out there with an Adsense website , but there are also lots of scams; people who claim to know how to make money using Google Adsense, but who never provide any proof. Some Internet Marketers do make lots of money using with their adsense websites. The Majority of these are Entrepreneurs who run their own businesses from home.
Below are the main points to know about Google Adsense.
What Google Adsense is:

An advertising program that can make money for you thorough advertising on your adsense website. Text ads are placed on your adsense website using a code supplied to you by Google. You receive payment by Google every time someone clicks on one of the ads on your site.
Google also has a feature allowing you to put a Google search box on your adsense website. When someone uses this box to search the web, ads are also displayed on the search results pages. Google will pay you for clicks on these ads as well. How To Get Started With Google Adsense Google has to accept you into the Google Adsense program. You apply by completing an application at this website: If Google approves your application, the Google Adsense Program will send you an HTML code. You will need to copy and paste this code into your adsense website pages - it is this code that places the ads onto your website. It costs you nothing to join.

Can I participate in Google's Adsense Program?

Google's Adsense Program is open to anyone with a web presence, with the following exceptions: Hate Sites Adult Sites (porn) You must also read and agree to follow Google Adsense terms of service. If you violate any of the rules, you can be kicked out of the program. Because the Adsense program is so large and far-reaching, you don't want this to happen, particularly if you have more than one website with Adsense ads displayed on them. Google's Adsense program is available worldwide, in all languages. This makes it possible for Internet Entrepreneurs from all over the globe to participate.
Should I participate in the Adsense Program?
You should participate if for no other reason than it is free. However, there are other, better reasons to consider joining the program and developing an adsense website:
You can make money online at home The program is virtually maintenance-free, once you install the HTML code onto your adsense website pages. You get paid when your Adsense account reaches $100 You can monitor your Google Adsense account on the Internet at any time
The one caveat to remember is that the possibility exists that Adsense ads could take business away from you site. This is why you have to place the Adsense code strategically on your site.
Adsense Ad Placement There are several locations on your adsense website that have been proven, over time, to lead to more clicks (and we know that more clicks=$$$!). Below is tried and true advice on where to place Adsense Ads on your site:

Place them near the upper left of the page. This location is where your visitors look first. Place Adsense ads near useful content, since your visitors will probably be reading there Integrate Adsense ads into the middle of content on your adsense website.

Also, you should make sure that the Adsense ads don't stand out in any way, shape or form. The ads should blend in to your adsense website as much as possible.
There are other techniques for implementing the Google Adsense program on your website to ensure maximum income. These are advanced techniques and should be considered once you have a grasp on the basics and have started making money using the program. In a nutshell, Google's Adsense Program can earn you a substantial income when used properly.

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Joe Borges makes it easy for you to make real money online with Google Adsense. Get tips and strategies to make your Google Adsense program succed by visiting his adsense website now!

Author: Marcus R Christopher

Adsense is the best income generating program ever spawned! Why? There is no product or service to promote. Only your domain. Webspace, an Adsense account, and highly targeted traffic is needed. Your success with adsense, you will soon learn, is as easy as driving s car or cooking a four course meal. The reality is Adsense Success and everything else has to be learned. When you learned how to drive a car it became simple and after a couple of months of driving everyday or so. It became second nature. Once you learn the Adsense formula and it's variables. The sky's the limit with Google Adsense

Learn The Adsense Craft.
You can't cheat your way to success or for some a healthy adsense income. Just like anything other skill in life, it has to be learned. Everything that everyone knows was learned from a teacher(I.E. Anyone), a book, an article(I.E. Newspapers, Magazines, and the Internet), or by word of mouth. You have to learn the adsense formula and all the adsense variables. I have a A.A.S in Computer Programming and Engineering. So believe me I know how to give low-level instructions. No one can tell YOU how to make YOUR site a success, only guide you in the right direction.

The Adsense Variables
TT(High CTR) + Content = Adsense Earnings
Content - try to have a 1000 words of keyphrase-rich content.

High CTR - highly optimized placement of the adsense code.

TT - Highly Targeted Traffic

Yes that's it. The "Adsense Formula" is just a basic math problem and as we all know any on can learn math. We're not near finished. These variables the make up the Adsense Formula is the key to your success. Why refer to them as variables, because these Adsense elements constantly change and YOU are in full control of them. Imagine a indoor plant and its variables. Sunlight, Soil PH, CO2, Fertilizer, and Water. You control every variable and if each one is highly optimized then you will have a healthy fast-growing plant. If you highly optimize each adsense variable then you will in turn receive a healthy fast growing adsense income. Now that we have an understanding let's evaluate this "Adsense Formula."

Adsense Content Keywords are a bad idea! High paying or not. In fact don't choose high paying keywords, not because of the saturation of SEO experts, but because keywords are to broad. Adwords is ying and Adsense is yang. Broad keywords have low payouts and ctr. You want to target keyphrases, so your site only displays high paying adsense ads, not .15 adsense ads from some beginner with one of your terms in their adwords campaign. There is a lot of free content online, but it is best to use unique content for search engine purposes. To accomplish this hire a writer or choose niche subjects that you are familiar with, so that you can write your own articles and e-books. Don't base your site on money rather than your passion. Example. My passion is computers and networking.

Adsense CTR Optimal adsense ad placement is the heart of high adsense ctr. There are four locations on a webpage the receives the most clicks.
Just above the fold. The fold is the end of the section of the page you can view without scrolling. All along side the left column. In your content, if very interesting and informative. At the end of your content after a reader finishes.
Adsense ad format effects ctr greatly whether or not they are placed in the right spots. Squares receive the most clicks, beginning with the largest and so on. The ads should blend with your page. Only the link title should be a different color than the text and url. No borders unless red or yellow. They attract viewer's eyes.

The link color should match your site's links, but blue and red work the best. Incredibly Increase your adsense ctr up to 400% by placing related images above or to the left of adsense ads.

Highly Targeted Traffic Yes, there is a difference between targeted traffic and highly targeted traffic. Someone looking for an online business would be targeted traffic to this article, but someone looking for an adsense business would be a highly targeted visitor. Why high quality traffic? Your Ctr will be amazing and unbelievable because all of your traffic will be looking for YOUR site. Don't be surprised if you have certain days where 97% of your visitors clicked an adsense ad. How? Blogs, Articles, E-books, Rss Feeds, and most SERP(search engine results page) traffic. Never use traffic exchanges or links from other sites unless their content is similar to yours.

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In my experience TrafficSwarm is the only exchange that will get you clicks without getting your adsense account terminated.
I have given you the full adsense formula in detail, but for more info please visit Adsense Secret Tips or my blog at Adsense Secret Tips Blog