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Adsense is an Ad Network of Google. By joining this network you can get various ad's to place on your siteindirectly through Adsense and can earn Revenue from these ads.

Adsense pay you on PPC (Pay Per Click) based system. When some one clicks on ad's placed onyour website then Adsense counts the clicks and pay you. Rates of per clicks depends upon your sites rank, content,traffic and many other factors.

popular sites are getting about $100/click.

Adsense will send you a cheque when your earning reaches $100.

Now a day Adsense is a best way for publishers to make money
from their websites or blogs.

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First of all you have to buy a domain for your website, the most
important thing is choose the domain carefully.

For example,
Suppose your site is about selling pets online then you must choose the related domain like,
for better search engine rank.

If you don't want to spend money, then blogging is the best way for you.

The popular free blogging site is .You can search the free blogging sites by entering free blog in Google search.

The other important thing is the knowledge of HTML. If you know HTML better, then you canproceed further, but if you don't know anything about HTML then also you don't have to worry there is lot's of free HTML tutorial websites available to learn HTML,
One of them is .

The other way is free web hosting.You can create a free sub domain and can place your ads on of the free sub domain provider website is .

Just put ads on your website and earn revenue from them.