Getting a new site page indexed and ranked are two things everyone should take into account. With all the competing web sites out there the importance of page rank becomes a top priority so that you can get free traffic and thus make money online.

There is no use to have the most informative website & unfortunately no one knows about it. Have you ever thought why your competitors always on the top positions and your website every time getting into the flux.

What is Page Rank?

Page ranks are defined numerically, from 1 through 10 - 10, being the highest. Very few pages have a page rank of 10, and anything above a 6 is considered very well. There are many factors that determine a page's rank, but the main variable seems to be based on how many websites link to your page.

Search engines rank Websites based on two major factors:

• Very exclusive content with related keywords in the body
• Link popularity - number of back links on your Website.

Importance of Page Rank:

Page rank is extremely important, in that it determines how high you get on search engine results. And just as it's helpful to have your incoming links be from reputable, trusted, relevant sites, your outbound links will also be more valuable to those pages you do link out to.

The higher your page ranking, the more desirable a link from your page will be to others - Including those willing to pay for said link.

Various ways to increase your page rank:

• Build more pages: Make sure to have at least 8 relevant pages including the main page, in order to have a healthy amount of content.

• How To Generate More At Cost: Getting a high ranking site to link to you isn't always the easiest thing to do. Sometimes it is necessary to buy that privilege via ads.

• Create Internal Links: Not only are you creating another link for the crawler, you're also making it convenient for your guest to find that page right then and there, if they so desire.

• Utilize Free Directory listings: They may not always be big high ranking sites, but they are an easy way to get your name out there.

• Avoid Dead-end Links: Make sure every page has a door out, other than a back button

Google uses a number of patented algorithms to determine the exact ranking of every indexed website. They also attempt to index as many websites and pages as they can possibly find. In order to do this they utilize tens of thousands of different hosts and over a dozen data centers.

Other important factors that determine your ranking are the architecture of the site, relevant keywords, title, underlying code and content of the site for making your site more appealing to the search engines.

Page rank is not the be all and end all, and people should not become too angry if they are not able to for example obtain a page rank five straight away. I believe hard work pays off and that a website should be seen as a long term project.

Page rank is a very real and vital aspect of web development that should always be kept in mind. Without it, your chance of being found easily on search engines is compromised. With it, you'll be on your way to a highly successful website.

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